#code16 VIDEO and SLIDES - Memory Management in Chrome’s JS Runtime (V8)

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Understanding the internals of memory management in JavaScript is about so much more than just avoiding memory leaks. For me, this simple understanding led to significant performance improvements on real world applications.

This note is a summary of resources from my talk at WebDirections Code in 2016.

Memory Management in V8

Long garbage collection pauses in JavaScript, can lead to noticeable performance degradation and poor user-experiences. Understanding the garbage collection mechanism is essential to building advanced applications with effective memory management.

This talk covers the fundamentals of automatic memory management in the V8 JavaScript engine. We also discuss some upcoming optimisations that are aimed directly at tackling garbage collection jank.


This video first appeared on the WebDirections blog at Video Ristretto: Memory Management in V8 – Hadi

Watch “Hadi Michael - Memory Management in V8" on Vimeo


Memory Management in Chrome’s JavaScript Runtime (V8) on Slideshare

Further reading

Here is some research that I found helpful when putting my talk together. The best place to start is probably the Chrome V8 homepage.